1. It’s finally time for me to change from tumblr - to my own site. Welcome to my new blog Josephiner that you can find here. The blog will still be full of fashion and beauty inspiration that I admire, but just on another platform. Hope to see you over here instead. See you!



  3. Bambi Northwood Blythe Single is one of my favorite models, and is such a beauty. I love large eyebrows if they are natural and on the right kind of face, and I think it’s one of Bambis strongest signature. She looks like a stunning fashionable Bambi deer in a bohemian style. The 23 years old Australian model hit the international circuit in 2010, and I remember her from the H&M campagine in 2011 the first time I spotted her. She’s been an huge style inspration since then. Follow her on instagram here.



  5. It’s time to find the perfect sunglasses this season, and maybe have a little luck and don’t break them like all of my other sunglasses before. I think I need to learn how to take care of my shades and not just throw them away in my bag or on beach… I’m still in love with the rounded shades and the cat eyed ones by Miu Miu. Thumbs up for mid hair length, cosy knitted sweaters and spring bloom too.



  7. Say hello to the perfect basic label Emerson Fry that always inspires me how to get the ultimate wardrobe. This is how I would love to look like during my weeks when I’m just tired or don’t have time to think out a great outfit. Emerson Fry is the king of clothes that you always look perfect dressed in, and that fits every moments during the whole day. I really miss a casual skirt just like the picture down to the left, that you also can dress up if you want. And some fine strappy sandals. I know that I write a little bit too much about basics, but I’ve notice the impact they have in my wardrobe, when it feels like I don’t have anything to wear, or nothing that matches together to combine outfits in a new way. This is the answer if you ask me.

    Picsource: here and here.


  9. I’m so excited - today I’m going to work for 24SEVEN Fashion Show: IMAGO at CafĂ© Opera by the economists student association at Stockholms university.

    Read more about the event here and here and stop by tonight if you’re in Stockholm.



  11. RVCA posted this video with the sweet model Ashley Smith, who guides us to the SXSW festival and her home city Austin Texas. This video really catches the feeling of traveling, and makes me think of my younger days during the summer, when me and my friends used to go to music festivals and watch our favorite bands all day and all night long. I kind of miss that. And I wouldn’t mind going to the SXSW festival too of course. The SXSW (South by Southwest) is a festival and conference that contains music, film and interactive media in Austin Texas.


  13. Why is turquise sequins so good looking during the summer? It makes me think of mermaids, mediterranean sea, beach parties, colorful lemonades and palm trees. Ok we are not quite there yet, I love the spring weather right now too, but I can’t stop crave and love turqouise sequins once the sun is here. And why is this ocean sequins so matching with late summer nights? The soundtrack is this song.

    Picsources: here, here and here.


  15. I heard and saw this covervideo by Dana Williams and Leighton Meester for the first time yesterday and got stuck. This Fleetwod Mac song Dreams is so beautiful, and Dana’s and Leightons voices are very beautiful together. Actually I had no idea that Leighton Meester could sing this good and I need to find more songs from Dana Williams. Leightons style in this video gets high points too, love her beachy shorter hair and the Daisy shirt. I’m hooked on the new Daisy patterned trend that you can se everywhere right now. I’m really on a Daisy hunt, haha, and my first catch is a Daisy scarf from Forever21. A summer dress like Leightons shirt would make me so happy if I found. Hope to hear more covers from this two ladies.


  17. There is two perfect things about this picture of Kate Bosworth, and that is her outfit; a summer dress together with biker boots and then there is her new hair color. I love love love dresses together with boots, to get the sweet but edgy combination. I like the sweet style and the edgy black and leather style, but it should not be too much of both either. That’s why this outfit is perfect, it’s never too much and a great every day style. And even though I think Kate is the most beautiful in her blond beachy hair - this red/lightbrown hair color is stunning and lovely together with light blue.

    Picsource: here and here.


  19. I’m a little obsessed with glowing cheeks and eye lids right now in warm bronze shades. The peachy look on Miranda Kerr is so beautiful, and the pink lips down to the left is perfect together with the bronze eye shadow and cheeks. I think I need to find a good youtube-tutorial asap and then run to Sephora and find this magical tool. A very fresh look now when the sunshine finally is here.



  21. I will never give up on the perfect basic outfit; blue jeans, a crispy white shirt and white sneakers. This picture to the left from Vogue Turkey is divine, the model (sorry don’t know the name of) is such a beauty with her glowing cheeks and dreamy hair together with the perfect all time basic outfit. This picture really reminds me to prioritise a pair of perfect fitting blue jeans, and I will always be able to create a great outfit. Love everything about this picture, get so much spring inspiration right now while I drink my coffee with this song on repeat. Don’t know why I’m so happy, though I have a big exame tomorrow… Maybe high on D-vitamine?

    Picsource: here and here.


  23. I’m pretty weak for sparkling dresses in dusty colors, styled in a mix between elegans and “looking-like-I-just-woke-up-like-this-flawless”. Andreea Diaconu looks just like this - completely beautiful, photographed by Lachlan Bailey for W Magazine June/July 2013, in this sparkling sequin dress by Nina Ricci. The sequins in combination with dusty pink, the “undone” hairdo and smokey eyes are the perfect three details to get this winning look. And of course, the best way to wear a Nina Ricci dress is a late night in Paris.

    Picsources: here and here.


  25. It feels like a lot of places suffers through this “snow today, sunny spring tomorrow”-kind of weather. But it is almost April now, which I definitely call spring, so here is some really great S/S inspiration. Lace has never felt so right and beautiful, when I see these two pictures from Camilla Akran for Porter Magazine. Light see-through lace dresses in the sunset with messy but still fixed hairstyles are just the right way to make me fall in love with lace. I’ve been kind of ambiguous about the lace fabric before, because I always thought that it has looked too cute and girly. But now, it feels perfect for late summer nights, with an elegant and stylish sense. The pictures gives me references of Lana del Rey/old school Hollywood which is high scores. Here’s a great song to listen to when you are walking around in the sun, happy friday!

    Watch the whole photo shoot here.


  27. I’m home from a weekend in the city of my dreams - New York. It’s been amazing with great shopping, visited the food heaven and walked in the city all days long and just looked up at the skyscrapers. My fashion inspiration is on top again, I’ve seen so much different styles and new ways to combine outfits in this city. I want to wear more patterned details, handbags in a very fine shape with beautiful details, a hat every day and more different color combinations. I think that I need to be a little bit braver and experiment a little bit more with my style.

    This is a city I want to return to many times more during every season. That’s maybe why I still day dream about the city now when I’m home in snowy Stockholm again…



  29. Miranda Kerr is now everywhere on tv, in the ads for H&M, ShopStyle and Reebok and looks quite similar to each other. All ads are in a really happy environment, Miranda looks stunning as always and the H&M campaign makes me want to buy everything in the collection. Hot pink is always a good colour to wear together with some basics in white every spring.

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